Slim Admin 1.3

1) Install Stylus

The Slim Admin skin for Higher Logic CMS requires the browser addon called Stylus. Its free for your Chrome and Firefox browser, and is a safe way to implement improvements to your HL environment.

Download for your browser here: Firefox or Chrome

2) Add the Slim Admin Stylesheet

Add a new stylesheet for your site's admin pages. This file resides on your computer, so you don't need to upload anything to HL. And you can turn it on/off as needed.

Enable the addon, and create a new style.

Add a new stylesheet with the setting URLs starting with using your domain followed by /HigherLogic/
This ensures only your admin pages are affected by the admin redesign.

Give your new stylesheet a name- something like Slim Admin 1.3 from Highstrap.

Enter the following in the editable text field. Most of the stylesheet is hosted in AWS alongside Higher Logic's codebase.


Leave a comment here or on the HUG community referencing Slim Admin 1.3.

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