Displaying email link on shared community layout

Use a javascript widget to add an email hyperlink for your communities. Each community has an email address associated with it that lets members send an email to start a thread.

Because HL's built-in code editor in the admin is unformatted, you may want to create a local text/javascript file on your computer so you can easily edit the code before adding into a javascript widget on your site. Note that the example below accommodates two different communities. You need to enter the community id and associated email address. Then below you'll notice the html code that gets inserted- you will need to duplicate these for each additional community and replace each of these references for a third (comm3) community:

comm2 with comm3 and mail2 with mail3

Recommended usage: add a new javascript widget to the very bottom of your Community Home page layout.

The resulting display on Community Home page. You can then use css to style the new element .hs-emailus

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